Crowdrise, fundraising for the masses

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011 - Publicado por Manuel en 0:53
I would like to talk about an interesting web-based business I am analyzing. It´s called Crowdrise.

Crowdrise is a social network which covers an specific niche. Like Linkedin does with job connections, CR does so by connecting people with social concerns, and linking people involved in fundraising for humanitarian purposes with people who like to collaborate with their money. Crowdrise users can start their own fundraiser (even upload pictures and videos to make the project more real), join an existing fundraising team, appeal for support to friends and share their recent donations with a few simple clicks. By engaging in these activities, the users earn points, which can be translated into real prizes.More over, users are ranked and named depending on the points they have, which lead to a sort of  “humanitarian competition”.

Another point I really like is the touch of humor than the site has. It start with it´s logo, where a simple motto explains "if you don´t give back no one will like you" , and goes through every place, even in the FAQs, when it is stated that Crowdrise charges a 5% "Crowdrise's not wanting to go out of business fee" . Because CR it´s not an NGO, and they would like to get some bucks, which I think it´s fair considering the huge benefits this service can provide to the society. And they seem to be doing  a pretty good job, considering that there is an sustainable stream of donations, ranking from 5 to 150 $.