3 ways the Internet can scare the shit out of you

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011 - Publicado por Manuel en 14:29
If you pay attention to the news at all, specifically in terms of the movie industry, you might think that the movie industry is not going through their best period. Hollywood has become a moneymaking machine, spawning sequels, prequels, and other quels of well-known (and potentially profitable) movies.

And the situation is even worse in the case of horror movies, with about 80% being basically the same movie, except for changing the name of the psychokiller/monster.

I will now show you three ways the Internet can help you to stay awake during those long exam periods, basically by giving you nightmares.

1. Hotel 626 flash game

This is an oldie, but every time I play it, it manages to make me feel uncomfortable. This online game puts you in the place of a hotel guest, who is awoken in the middle of the night by weird noises coming from the corridor.

This online game knows how to create the right atmosphere to make the player feel immersed in the situation. It is only available after 6pm, (when it´s dark and creepy outside), and the game suggests that you to turn the lights off in your house, turn the volume up on the speakers and start playing. You know, the scarier the better. 

You probably will be dead by then

You can play the game here. Webcam is recommended!. 

2. Marble Hornets

It started in 2009. A Youtube user called Jay started posting some videos a friend of his made about a short movie called Marble Hornets. As Jay keeps checking all the tapes, he realized that his friend was not ok, and that weird things happened to him. As Jay keeps uploading new videos, abnormal events take place: people disappearing, creatures chasing not only Jay´s friend, but also Jay himself, all kinds of things that leave you wanting to click next to view the next entry. Here goes the first entry, I strongly suggest that you to view them all...if you dare. Just click here to see Marble hornets´s Youtube channel.

Which leads us to...

3. The slender man

Just watch this.

It´s a documentary about a mithologycal creature called "The slender man". There have been rumours about it for a long time. A man with no face, wearing what seems to be a suit, and having long arms with long claws. It seems that this creature likes to stalk kids and to drain the life out of them.

Where is it?

It´s at a point where it has become well-known, like ghosts. But the cool thing is, it´s just an Internet creation.
Everything started with a post in the Something awful forum, when users were encouraged to create a mythical creature. After one user proposed this horrible creature, the other users got really excited about it, and started to develop a myth around this creepy concept.

That´s all folks, good night.... and sweet dreams!.